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09 July 2011 @ 05:16 pm
Anyone want a Google+ invite? I have some that, uh...fell off a truck. >_> <_<

Also, yay for my first weekend off in two months! :D
No kitten today, but again, the bait was eaten. The trap was again not sprung. This is in my opinion due to the last five (this is the sixth) week of working around 70 hours making my brain soft.

I had been leaving one side of the trap open and one closed, and putting the bait inside by the closed door, so whatever it was would have to actually enter the trap to get the bait. After the lock bar failure of yesterday, rather than swapping the door I used, I simply left both doors open. And left the bait right in the same place, on the far side of the trap, by the now-open second door. So the target didn't have to enter the trap to get the bait.

This, combined with my realization that while working around 12 hours a day, almost every day, I simply do not have the time to spend teaching a feral kitten that humans are okay. This involves a lot of time spent just sitting in the same room as the kitten and not harming it. I am not home enough to do that, so it would end up caged in my guest bathroom for something like eighteen hours a day, and then be visited by the one keeping it prisoner for an hour or so.

I will not do this to an innocent cat merely because he currently lives outside.

So, the trap is now in my garage. We'll see if he comes back sometime when I'm not living at work, and maybe I can make the effort to befriend him without trapping him then. But in the meantime, he's on his own.
Day two, again nothing in the trap. However, clear progress, as the trap was not rolled over, and was in fact sprung. Why, you ask, was there then nothing in the trap? Well, the lock bar that falls over the door and makes the trap an actual trap failed to fall over the door. So the door wasn't locked. So, a free meal and run.

But! What this means is that whatever is getting at the bait has chosen to enter the trap, and possibly better, now thinks that it can get out of it. This makes the chances of catching said animal better, I think.

I've re-set the trap with the lock bar in a better position, and I'll rebait it tomorrow if I don't catch anything tonight.
30 May 2011 @ 10:27 pm
Today, there was no kitten in the trap set. There was no anything in the trap set. Including bait.

Something, possibly a raccoon or a crafty kitten, came along at some point today and rolled the damn trap over, so the doors were on the ground. Somehow, they also made sure to keep the bowl with tuna upright, entered the now safe trap, and ate all of the tuna (an entire can!)

And the kicker is, the trap wasn't even sprung. Whatever got to the bait rolled the trap over after just observing it. They didn't enter it until after it was safe.

I want to think raccoon, as they are clever little bastards; but I'm not sure a raccoon could fit into the trap well enough to chow down on the bait. So I don't know. I've re-set it with some water splashed over the tuna remnants, up against and under a big branch; if it's undisturbed tomorrow morning I'll put a bit more tuna in it.

Man, if the kitten is smart enough to do that, I want him. At first I wanted him just to make sure a kitten didn't have to live out in the wild, but if he's that clever, he is definitely a kitten I want.
30 May 2011 @ 09:12 am
But apparently the universe wants me to be one. Yesterday was my first day off in a few weeks, and instead of resting inside and being a hermit as I'd planned, I spent most of the day trying to figure out how to lure and capture the stray kitten that has taken up residence in the woods behind my house.

I haven't caught him yet, but I have seen him; my only exposure to him before that had been listening to him call all Friday and Saturday night. I have a squirrel trap baited with tuna sitting in the clearing where I saw him. He looked to be a tuxedo, black with some white on each side of his nose. Maybe 6-8 weeks, maybe older if he's been living as a stray. He looked pretty healthy, he was just sitting in this little clearing giving himself a bath and occasionally yelling about something.

On the way home from getting the trap (after stopping by the SPCA to see if I could get one from them; they apparently borrow theirs too), I stopped and saved a turtle the size of a dinner plate. He was trying to cross the road, so I helped him. It was also pretty gratifying to see the drivers passing by seeing the turtle, swerving to miss him, then seeing me walking towards him, then smiling and waving.

Now, I'm at work. Deadlines, you see.
14 May 2011 @ 11:22 pm
This is the song from the end cinematic of the fantastic game, Portal 2, sung a capella. This is so fantastically amazing I don't have words to describe it. I'm sure part of it is I know what the song means, and I mean in the story of the game, not just the words, but it honestly makes me tear up every time. It's that beautiful.

15 April 2011 @ 09:30 pm
I had to end my DnD campaign, as work is just making it impossible for me to keep going. One game per quarter is not enough. :p I hope not running it will make it more possible for me to finish the write-ups, so at least there'll be some record of the games we DID play. Of course, since I'm too busy with work to run the game, that doesn't really bode well for 'time to write up the notes' either, but still. Hope springs eternal.
14 April 2011 @ 07:36 pm
Things! Yes! Things.

A few weeks ago joyshine and evilchick took me out shopping for new snazzy clothes. Huge success. Pictures forthcoming when I have time. :p

Started working out a few weeks ago. So far I'm sticking with it, yay. Haven't weighed myself or anything as I'm looking more for visual changes rather than a number going down. Started a food diary with an application for my phone that haff_mcfeely showed me over xmas, it's an awesome thing. Kind of shocked how many calories a lot of what I eat has.

Last but not least, crunch at work starts Monday. I'll be working until ten PM or so four days a week, then a normal day Friday, and hopefully weekends off. Except of course my department does special things, and the boss types want some special things done on a couple of Saturdays. Hooray for being special. :p So I will be of somewhat limited availability for a while.

How are you fine folks?
07 March 2011 @ 04:47 pm
I just discovered I have been wearing my boxers backwards all day. As in, the fly is behind me.

28 February 2011 @ 08:10 pm
Well one, anyway; I am posting from my new Motorola Xoom tablet! Give me a day to get out if work at normal time and look what I do. :-P. I blame my tax refund.

It is pretty sweet. In a lot of ways its like a big version of my phone, but obviously its got a bigger screen. I can actually touch type on it pretty well, all things considered. I didn't bother getting a cell data plan with it because there should be a way for me to tether it to my phone, which would be nice since I have unlimited data through my phone already. I don't really want to pay for more data just for a new device.

Anyway I have been busy with work, but hopefully that has calmed down some. Which is good because I have a new toy! My hope is to use it to help me with DnD. Or just play with it. :-p