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30 May 2011 @ 10:27 pm
Operation Kitten Capture, day 1 report  
Today, there was no kitten in the trap set. There was no anything in the trap set. Including bait.

Something, possibly a raccoon or a crafty kitten, came along at some point today and rolled the damn trap over, so the doors were on the ground. Somehow, they also made sure to keep the bowl with tuna upright, entered the now safe trap, and ate all of the tuna (an entire can!)

And the kicker is, the trap wasn't even sprung. Whatever got to the bait rolled the trap over after just observing it. They didn't enter it until after it was safe.

I want to think raccoon, as they are clever little bastards; but I'm not sure a raccoon could fit into the trap well enough to chow down on the bait. So I don't know. I've re-set it with some water splashed over the tuna remnants, up against and under a big branch; if it's undisturbed tomorrow morning I'll put a bit more tuna in it.

Man, if the kitten is smart enough to do that, I want him. At first I wanted him just to make sure a kitten didn't have to live out in the wild, but if he's that clever, he is definitely a kitten I want.